Booze Cruise – What Is It and Why Should You Experience One?

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Booze Cruise gives the ultimate and unforgettable party experience. It is the ideal way to spend your day or night under the sky, enjoying your special occasion with various activities on-board. While you have soothing scenic cruise, you can celebrate each moment with your favourite drink and music.

What is a Booze Cruise?

A booze cruise is a large party cruise where you can sip your favourite alcohol and enjoy your preferred entertaining activities. You can also get a chance meet new like-minded people on-board.

Booze cruises take you on a leisurely ride across the beautiful waterways. You can drink cocktail after every meal, play games, enjoy watching movie or live music performance, and click wonderful photos.

Booze cruises allow you to spend a relaxing vacation without the worries of late night drink-and-drive legalities to return back to your home. Booze cruises permits booking only to the legal drinking age groups. For the coolest boat party experience in Kavos, you can book best priced tickets with to avail online discounts and special offers.

Why should you consider experiencing a booze cruise party?

There are many reasons why you should consider going on a booze cruise to celebrate your special occasions. Europe has awesome party destinations and beautiful historical landmarks to amaze you. Booze cruises are the perfect way to view these landmarks while also enjoying the alcoholic beverages with your friends and family.

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Here are some of the reasons why you should go on a booze cruise.

1. Soothing ambience

You can enjoy the views of beautiful ocean, breath-taking aquatic animals, incredible waves, and awesome scenic surroundings. It gives you an epic and unimaginable experience while you have fun, enjoyment, and relaxation.

2. Variety of music and activities

The on-board music includes orchestral or live DJ performances to keep you moving with every musical beat. Booze cruises general play hip hop and reggae party vibes to enjoy your boozy vacation. The party also includes different activities for your fun and entertainment like dance competitions, karaoke, games, paint pottery, play bridge, watch a movie, and much more.

3. Unlimited drinks and food

With no limits and quantitative boundaries, you can sip your favourite cocktail or any other classic drinks ranging from vodka and whisky to tequila. Mouth-watering chicken wings, chips, and meals are also available to eat after or during the long night of partying. You may need to pay for drinks and foods for any on-board guest arrivals.

4. Opportunity to meet new people

Booze cruises hold different activities to include the passengers. This is a great way to meet new like-minded people and have a good time either enjoying your meal and drinks or participating in any activities. You have the options to go onshore at different ports to explore the people and places.

Hence, there are several opportunities to mingle with other passengers. They could even become your new friends, clients, or business partners.

5. Unbeatable relaxation and unwinding

Spending your vacation on a booze cruise is the best way to relax and unwind far off your noisy city. You can sooth yourself with such expeditions through stunning sunset views, fishing, and personal spa treatments. There are only limited accesses to electronic gadgets, especially mobile phones with network coverage, to disrupt the sweetness of your party.

So, you can enjoy your vacation completely without having to worry about work or any other stresses in your life.

It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes, wind-blockers, and sunglasses to withstand the strong winds and sun-rays. Comfortable clothes will help in free body movements during your various on-board activities. Booze cruises are reasonably affordable.

However, the price mainly depends on the package, number of guests, and particular add-ons that you choose for your booze cruise celebrations.

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