An Overview of Pompeii a Lost City in Italy

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Italy has many famous cities that once belonged to the Ancient Roman Era. Pompeii is one such city buried in the historical books because of the volcanic eruption. It vanished in 79 A.D., after the eruption, and was later excavated in the 18th century.

However, the long preservation of the city has allowed historians to learn more about it with the help of the ruins.

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When in Pompeii?

Pompeii is like the land of many stories from the ancient era. Visiting this place can help you refresh your mind about everything that you have learned about Pompeii’s history so far. Here are some things to take notice of when in this beautiful place.

Check Everything

Just walking alongside the great wall that you see from the remains of the ruins will not give you the required information.

Tweak your eagerness to learn about the place by listening to the audio guide available at the entrance of the city. You can even take the local tour along with a guide.

Go with the Flow

Pompeii is declared an archaeological site in Italy. Hence, there is no guarantee that every road, street, or building will be available for public view at all times of the year. Hence, enjoy everything available for a visit when you are in this city.

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Check Mount Vesuvius

By visiting this mount, you can get clear information on the tragedy that came to be in 79 A.D. The volcanic mountain holds a mirror of the catastrophic event that led to the complete submersion of Pompeii till the 18th century.

As the volcanic mountain is very big and has many people residing right under its nose, it is considered one of the most dangerous volcanic sites in the world.

Reaching Pompeii

You can reach Pompeii via any route that passes through Italy. The most preferred way of reaching this city is from Rome. The travelling facilities from Rome to Pompeii are many and can be covered within 13 hours.

Even though the path requires almost half a day, the scenic view that is at your disposal throughout the way is something that you must attend. Hence, no vacationer complains about the distance while traveling to Pompeii.

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