A Day Trip to Ba Vi National Park

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Outdoor enthusiasts will welcome Ba Vi National Park. About 60 kilometres west of Hanoi. Its lush mountains, diversified habitats, and rich cultural history make this park popular. Over 10,000 hectares of the park let tourists escape the city’s cacophony and enjoy Vietnam’s nature. Ba Vi Mountain is the park’s most famous mountain. Beautiful scenery and cool temperature.

Hike Trails

Ba Vi National Park provides hiking paths for all fitness and adventure levels. Clear routes wind through bamboo gardens, lush woodlands, and magnificent viewpoints. Famous hikes include 1,227-meter Tan Vien Peak. The hike includes ancient temples and pagodas and lovely countryside views. The French ruins are an excellent shorter trip to experience the park’s colonial past.

Ba Vi Mountain Is Gorgeous

Visitors to Ba Vi National Park must see its core, Ba Vi Mountain. Three peaks dominate this mountain. Tan Vien, King, Ngoc Hoa Peaks. Each mountain has unique vistas and attractions. The highest point is 1,296-meter King Peak. Famous for its Tan Vien Son Thanh temples. Looking over the buildings and savouring the peak’s cold, foggy air may help people feel spiritually connected.

Discover Local Animals and Plants

Plant and animal richness abounds in Ba Vi Park. Parks have tropical rainforests, subtropical woods, and grasslands. Bugs, birds, and tiny mammals are visible. The park boasts 200 orchid species and is famous for them. The park’s floral parts attract nature lovers. They can learn about local wildlife and conservation efforts. Ecological tours are available at the park.

Taxiing to Ba Vi National Park

Noi Bai Airport makes Ba Vi National Park accessible. The 70-kilometer drive from the airport to the park takes 1.5–2 hours, depending on traffic. Plan a return trip or day taxi to Hanoi. Taxi companies like taxi Nội Bài provide fixed day rates, which is handy and economical.

Maximizing Your Day Trip

Plan early to maximize your Ba Vi National Park day excursion. Get up early to maximize park time and avoid afternoon heat. The park has few restaurants, so bring water, snacks, and a lunch. Also necessary are comfortable hiking shoes and weatherproof clothing. Bring a camera to capture the gorgeous wildlife and landscape.

Visit Ancient Temples and Pagodas

Ba Vi National Park features ancient churches and pagodas. These historic sites show local religion and culture. Thuong Temple on King Peak honors Tan Vien Son Thanh. Peaceful place to pray and reflect. Trung Temple, halfway up the mountain, is peaceful. Vietnamese culture and spirituality can be learned in various ways at these temples.

Relaxing in Ba Vi Hot Springs

After hiking and visiting, relax at Ba Vi Hot Springs at the park’s entrance. Many individuals visit hot springs for health reasons because they relax tired muscles. People can choose their comfort level from several pools with different temperatures. The hot springs are a great way to relax after a day.


A day trip to Ba Vi National Park is great for sightseeing, learning, and enjoyment. Start your excursion early, dress appropriately, and pack water, snacks, and a camera for a terrific time. Guided vacations can be intriguing and educational. Visit Ba Vi National Park to discover Vietnam’s natural and cultural heritage. It has beautiful scenery, unique wildlife, and historical sites.

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