Epic Activities for Your Amsterdam Hen Party

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Amsterdam is an ideal destination for an unforgettable hen party because of its liberal spirit, vibrant nightlife, and charming canals.

Whether you are a bridesmaid or the bride-to-be planning the festivities, this city offers multiple activities to celebrate the upcoming nuptials.

Before delving into the fun activities, consider renting a party bus. OsaBus is a go-to service for bus rental Amsterdam.

A bus with a designated driver gives a peace of mind as the entire group will travel together and arrive at every activity in style.

Prosecco bike tour

Imagine your entire hen party pedalling a giant, open-air bar on wheels across the picturesque city streets. Music, laughter and flowing prosecco create an ideal recipe for bonding and hilarious memories.

These bikes have a sound system, which allows listening to your favourite tunes and letting loose. Capture some bold photos past iconic landmarks to document the fun.

Drag queen dinner show

Drag queen dinner show will make you laugh until your side splits with its outrageous performances.

These Amsterdam drag queen shows are guaranteed crowd-pleaser. The dazzling costumes, witty banter, and show-stopping lip-synch-battles are entertaining.

You can unleash your inner diva and embrace the flamboyant drag spirit and celebrate the bride-to-be in style. The dinner allows fuelling yourself for dancing and merriment all night.

Cocktail making workshop

Many bars and restaurants offer these interactive sessions, where you will learn the secrets behind making delicious cocktails under the guidance of experienced bartenders.

Experiment with different ingredients, shake and stir with enthusiasm and name your own signature concoction to toast the bride.

It is a fun activity, where you create something tasty together and enjoy some laughs along the way. The cocktails you create fuel the rest of your evening adventures!

Private canal cruises with pampering

Imagine your hen party gliding along the scenic canals, enjoying the gentle breeze and stunning views of historic buildings. Many cruise companies offer packages that include pampering options like hand treatments or massage.

It is an ideal way to unwind and reconnect with your besties and recharge for the evening festivities. Pack some bubbly and snacks, curate a playlist of your favourite tunes and soak the charm of Amsterdam from a unique perspective.

Burlesque dance class

Celebrate female empowerment with a burlesque dance class. It is an activity that allows you to learn more than a few dance moves. It is about shedding shyness, building confidence and having lots of fun.

Professional instructors guide you through basic burlesque techniques, focusing on self-expression and body positivity.

You and your friends will be surprised at the hidden talent that surfaces during these liberating experiences.

Escape room challenge

Escape rooms are thrilling as it includes puzzles and riddles that need communication and team spirit to solve the challenge within a specific time.

Collaborate with your hens, think outside the box and strategize your way to escape before the clock runs out.

The adrenaline rushes and sense of friendship leaves everyone buzzing with excitement after a successful escape [even if you fail the challenge there is nothing to lose…you created a memory!].

Amsterdam is a perfect backdrop for an unforgettable hen party. Consider creating a balance between activities that cater to different energy levels and personalities.

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