A Brief Understanding Of The Brand Name Tax

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When traveling abroad, we frequently come across real brand-name goods for sale everywhere; the fact that they are priced lower than local brand-name goods does not indicate that they are knockoffs. But since such products were exempt from import taxes. Consequently, the cost is lower than that of name-brand goods offered on the domestic market.

People who enjoy shopping must, of course, go to either purchase name-brand things or return them Brand-name goods that are meant to be bought for sole use are free from taxes overseas. However, if you purchase too many, they might be liable to customs taxes, making them more expensive than any name-brand product available overseas at any time.

As a result, let us inform you regarding the Brand Name Tax (ภาษีแบรนด์เนม, which is the term in Thai), often known as the carrying tax. Which goods fall within the tax umbrella? Which prices apply? Consequently, consumers who shop won’t be penalized for paying import duties until they later come to regret it.

You may be unaware of this before you often purchase branded brands. Why are you exempted from paying taxes?

Many individuals are dubious about their tendency to import name-brand goods from other countries. However, you can’t see any taxes owed. The Customs Department charges brand-name taxes, but how precisely does it do that?

The customs officials’ judgment is what determines the tax fine. Tax exemptions for products bought for personal use are typically granted by officials. From the scope of the item packaging, the staff will take into account. Whether or not the package has been opened and used. The tax will not be charged since customs officials will view it as personal usage. Conversely though if the brand-name product you purchased is whole and complete Officers who are not yet in office may treat it as a foreign product for trade purposes.

Because branded goods that are still sealed in their original packaging can fetch great prices when resold. Along with taking into account the package’s type. Think about the number of goods as well. Officials may accept tax exemptions if a person is carrying a little amount of name-brand merchandise and doesn’t provide any indication that they are selling it.

To Sum It Up

However, it is advised to inform the authorities if you are carrying a significant amount of name-brand merchandise and are unable to unpack the box for personal use to avoid paying hefty fines.

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